About Me

Hi, I’m Lottie - vegan baker and owner of Lottie's Vegan Bakery!

Welcome to my website, where I hope you'll find lots of tempting treats to fuel you on your vegan journey.

How Lottie's Vegan Bakery began:

I was a vegetarian for almost 30 years before I made the next step and became a vegan.  I am sad to say that beforehand I was completely ignorant to what was going on in the egg and dairy industries.  I thought I was doing all that I could: I ate no meat or fish, I didn’t wear or buy leather, I wouldn’t buy anything that had been tested on animals…  But dairy I thought – oh that’s fine, they aren’t hurt!  It was only through social media that I finally found out what was happening, and that was it – as soon as I knew, I went vegan.

I soon found that I really missed treats (unfortunately, I have such a sweet tooth) and finding vegan treats that were both really tasty and reasonably priced was so hard.  I had no option – I had to learn how to bake vegan-style!

So that’s how I started, desperately craving chocolate and sugar.  I spent months in the kitchen experimenting with recipes and baking hundreds of cakes – much to my partners delight!  Finally, I got it… a moist, crumbly and delicious cake!

It was a freezing cold day in Feb 2017 that I set up my very first market stall in Ross-on-Wye, and everything has been fantastic since then.  I’ve travelled all over the place meeting so many amazing people.  I’m really looking forward to this year – I’ll be heading back to last year’s markets and some new ones too!

Please have a look at my events to see where I’ll be, or maybe treat yourself to something from my online shop.

My first market at Ross-on-Wye.  Feb 2017!




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